About Radix SEO

Steve Hollingshead | Owner/SEO Expert | Stephen Hollingshead is the lead SEO specialist at SEO by Steve. He has 10+ years of SEO experience with a vast variety of businesses.

Steve Magginetti | Web Designer | Steve is the lead web designer at Radix SEO, and specializes in making every kind of site look unique, appealing, and relevant.

Jinger Mahaffey | Content Marketer | Jinger specializes in creating unique, compelling content to draw potential clients onto your site and into your business.

Kenneth Barnes | Social Media Expert | Kenneth helps our clients build strong social media profiles. He knows our clients are busy, so he ensures your accounts remain relevant.

At SEO by Steve, we strictly employ ethical techniques in the Fort Collins SEO services we provide. Our tangible results are accomplished with link building, creating online business profiles on various sites, content/keyword optimization, and utilizing social media. Almost all of our clients see a significant increase in their site rankings, traffic and visibility within their first month of SEO services. Due to our high success rate, we always guarantee that you will see significant improvement in your site’s performance within the first three months of SEO.

If we fail at improving your site’s rankings, traffic, and overall visibility within this timeframe, our SEO services will be performed at no cost to you until we can increase your visibility and rankings. This guarantee sets us apart from other SEO companies in Fort Collins and makes it so that we are  accountable for all of the work that we do. We strive to help you significantly increase the business you’re bringing in, and want to see all of our clients succeed.

Aside from our guarantee, we like to be certain you always know what’s going on in regards to your site. We do this through providing our clients with monthly SEO reports that detail the progress made throughout your SEO services. These reports will consist of analytics data, breaking down your incoming search engine traffic, the amount of people coming to your site, as well as how long people are staying on your site when they visit. Additionally, we will provide a list of keyword rankings that will showcase progress made for each keyword in terms of search engine visibility and rankings.

We have worked with over 200 websites, with over 10 years of experience, allowing us to become deeply familiar with almost all kinds of local businesses and organizations. Our extensive SEO service experience includes law firm SEO, chiropractors, carpet cleaners, construction companies, home remodelers, medical practices, retail stores, real estate agents, as well as a variety of other types of local businesses. With our vast experience with a variety of businesses,  we have the ability to provide terrific SEO services to almost any business type.


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