Competitive analysis is a very important aspect of the Fort Collins SEO services we provide. It helps to correctly identify SEO targets, while providing input into what our overall SEO strategy will be for your site. Dependant upon the on your industry and the number of competitors and potential keywords your business has, there are multiple factors that we consider.

We take the following steps to establish our strategy:

  1. Identifying potential SEO competitors in the search engines

This initial phase helps us to identify all potentially relevant competitors for your business in the search engines. These competitors are not always limited to a business or website that is a legitimate competitor in the sense that they offer similar services, products and content; but they are competition in the regard that they compete with your business in search engine results (meaning you share the same keywords).

  1. Determining the strongest SEO competitors

Once we know who your basic competitors are, we will validate them by filtering then analyzing those sites who are really ranking strongly for your target keywords. Additionally, we will expand our list of target keywords by performing in-depth keyword research. For this, we will utilize sources that we did not previously use, allowing us to identify keywords which neither your site nor your competitors site are ranking for yet; thus giving you new opportunities to rank in different areas.

  1. Comparing your site with SEO competitors

We will compare your site to its strongest competitors, using relevant data to analyze and prioritize your most important keywords. Our Fort Collins SEO experts will take a look at what those sites are doing right with their content and keyword usage and will determine how to improve upon that for your site.

  1. Selecting the target keywords for your site

The best place to start is with rankings where you’re very competitive from both a content and popularity standpoint. We’ll use the criteria from above to determine how hard we need to push each relevant keyword and for how long. For keywords where competition is low, it will be easier to rank higher, but we also want to focus on targeting your keywords that hold the highest relevancy, search volume, and, ultimately, profitability.